.NET Workbooks: 101 Linq samples

Akos Nagy
Mar 1, 2017

Just yesterday I did a post on something called Xamarin Workbooks. In the post I elaborate on how cool this is and how useful I think this tool will be during my classes.

Ever since a thread in my brain-process has been working on finding cool new ideas to present this way. If you check out the samples gallery of Xamarin Workbooks, you'll see that there's a workbook for the famous 101 Linq samples collection.

There is one problem, though: just like in the case of the original samples collection, the workbook also demonstrates the actual language integrated syntax (you know, the one that uses the blue keywords) and not the "method-syntax" or "lambda-syntax". Since the latter is more widely used (I should dedicate a blog on the reasons for this), I teach these in class as well.

But the workbooks are not in this format. So what can I do? Well, convert the contents of the workbook to this format, of course. There is a great rewrite on Nilzor's Techblog and Linqpad also helped me a lot.

So here you go: a fully functional, 101 Linq samples .NET workbook that you can use to brush up on your skills. Or even teach Linq, but in this case, please give me a shout-out in the comments.

Akos Nagy
Posted in .NET C#