Introducing dotnet Falcon

Akos Nagy
Jan 16, 2017

Welcome, dear potential reader. I know you are probably busy, so I'll keep this short.

Who am I?

I am a software engineer, more specifically, a .NET software engineer. I specialize in back-end development and Azure. The other pieces of information are probably not so relevant, but just in case: my name is Akos (actually Ákos, but feel free to leave out the pointless Eastern-European accent), I'm from a country called Hungary, I'm also an amateur climber, bartender and a professional translator and interpreter. There you have it - now you probably know more about me than you know about your neighbor.
On the professional side: I have been a .NET software developer ever since I started in this industry. I have a passion for .NET and a dedication to software quality. I have a number of certifications ranging from Microsoft Professional Developer to ISTQB certifications. I'm also a speaker and instructor and a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

What is this blog about?

Well, as you can read on the cover, this blog is all about .NET and software engineering — my specialties. I blog about problems that I encounter at work or during my hobby projects (mostly the latter), or just things that I find interesting. I even get off track sometimes and blog about something that has nothing to do with neither .NET nor software engineering — just for fun.
Main topics include all kinds of Azure development, general .NET development, Entity Framework development and some other fun stuff.
If you have questions, you can find me and contact me on GitHub (see the flyout sidebar).
I hope that you come back and you'll find reading the posts as much fun as I find writing them.
Please note that this blog and its content and opinions are my own and do not represent those of my employers or partners.

Akos Nagy
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