DependencyInjectionToolset upgrade

Akos Nagy
Sep 11, 2017

I have a little tool published at the VS Marketplace called DependenyInjectionToolset. It's not much; all it does is what its name says:

  • If you have a constructor parameter that is of an interface type or abstract class type, you can create a private readonly field.
  • You can generate a constructor in the class if you already have the fields.

I know that ReSharper does all this, but I really don't like to use that (might be another blog post why). So I tend to hunt for different tools that can do the same as the useful parts of ReSharper (which are, IMHO, not that much). Or, break last case, develop my own :)

So that's where the toolset comes from. Again, not much, but some people like it. I had an issue a while back in the Github repo requesting to update it to VS2017. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to do it for a while, but another Githubber, @exglade was nice enough to do it, and after contacting him, he submitted a PR (with a bonus bugfix).

So I merged his code and published a new version to the marketplace. You are welcome to use it, comment, rate, submit issues and ideas to the repo and so on.

Hope you'll like it :)

Akos Nagy