Welcome, dear potential reader. I know you are probably busy, so I'll keep this short.

Who am I?

I am a software engineer, more specifically, a .NET software engineer. I specialize in back-end development and Azure. The other pieces of information are probably not so relevant, but just in case: my name is Akos (actually Ákos, but feel free to leave out the pointless Eastern-European accent), I'm from a country called Hungary, I'm also an amateur climber, bartender and a professional translator and interpreter. There you have it - now you probably know more about me than your neighbor.
On the professional side: I have been a .NET software developer ever since I started in this industry. I have a passion for .NET and a dedication to software quality. I have a number of certifications ranging from Microsoft Professional Developer to ISTQB certifications. I'm also a speaker and instructor and a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

What is this blog about?

Well, as you can read on the cover, this blog is all about .NET and software engineering - my specialties. I am going to blog about problems that I encounter at work or during my hobby projects (mostly the latter), or just things that I find interesting. I might even get off track sometimes and blog about something that has nothing to do with neither .NET nor software engineering — just for fun.
Main topics will include all kinds of Azure development, general .NET development, Entity Framework development and some other fun stuff.

So what now?

Check back in a couple of days for more content. If you have questions, you can find me and contact me on GitHub (see the cover).
I hope that you come back and you'll find reading the posts as much fun as I find writing them.

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